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Matthew Alec DeJacques neck straps, Photo Gabe Fedor
DeJacques Logo


“Unlike any other saxophone strap on the market, the DEJACQUES strap leaves me with the undeniable sensation that the horn isn’t just hanging on my neck, but that it’s somehow connected to me, uniting the tenor saxophone and I as one physical body.


The ingenious clasping mechanism quickly and safely secures my horn steadfast, so I am free to create in the moment.


Furthermore, it’s sleek appearance and lightweight design coupled with the stylish signature DEJACQUES leather trim, make an iconic visual statement that pairs perfectly with my favorite suit or trendy t-shirt.


Truly remarkable. The DEJACQUES strap isn’t just part of my setup, it’s part of me.”

Matthew Alec Signature
REMIC Microphones Logo

"I absolutely love my Remic W3000-G1 microphone! Sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology, that delivers a clear and robust saxophone sound which is all wrapped up in a sleek design! Their microphones are truly one of a kind!" 

Matthew Alec Signature
REMIC Microphones Artist Matthew Alec
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