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Cleveland Time

The debut album featuring music legend tom 'bones' malone


Matthew Alec and The Soul Electric


click the album art for your digital copy or meander over to the store for your limited edition yellow vinyl LP!

Cleveland Time

Awesome promotional video for Cleveland Time from My friends at The Sonny Michaels Show in Australia!

single Releases:

"Art Triumphed Through Attrition"

featuring Miguel Tarin Torres

Art Triumphed Through Attrition - Matthew Alec featuring Miguel Tarin Torres

"Baby You Got Me"

featuring Brian Woods

Baby You Got Me feat. Brian Woods

"Cleveland Time"

featuring Tom "Bones" Malone, Minus the Alien, and Jared Lees

Cleveland Time - Single

"Give What You Take"

Give What You Take

as a sideman:

Left of the Right Direction

Little Fish Records (2013)

Crazy Kind of Love

Featuring Bernie Worrell
FTF Records (2008)

Left of the Right Direction - Winslow
Crazy Kind of Love - Winslow
Cleveland Time Records Logo
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